Our Practice

Blue Mountains Zen Buddhist Meditation group meets twice a month at Lawson for Zen meditation practice. The group includes qualified Zen teachers. It provides instructions on the principles and practice of Zen, and offers interviews with the teachers who can offer guidance and instruction for those taking the path of Zen. The teachers and experienced students also provide Dharma talks about the practice and its integration with everyday life.

What is Zen Buddhism?

‘Zen is about cultivating the way of liberation, compassion, and responsiveness to conditions of daily life. That’s what we try to practise, and that’s what we try to offer.’ Genmyo Zeedyk, Anchorage Zen Community

‘Zen is looking in the mirror, seeing nothing and everything there, then seeking to convey my experience.’ Maggie Gluek, Sydney Zen Centre

‘Everyone who belongs to the school of Zen should understand: there exists in our school an essential matter that can only be penetrated in great enlightenment. I want all of you to be aware that the study of Zen can effect a miraculous transformation that will change you to the very marrow of your bones.’ Hakuin Ekaku (1686 – 1768)

‘To study the Buddha Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be actualised by the ten thousand things. When actualised by the ten thousand things, your body and mind as well as the bodies and minds of others, drops away. No trace of realisation remains, and this no-trace continues endlessly.’ ‘That the self advances and confirms the ten thousand things is called delusion; That the ten thousand things advance and confirm the self is called realisation.’ Dogen Kigen (1200 – 1253)

'If an ordinary person, when he is about to die, could only see the five elements of consciousness as void; the four physical elements as not constituting an 'I'; the real mind as formless and neither coming nor going; his or her nature as neither commencing at their birth nor perishing at their death, but as whole and motionless in its very depths; his or her mind and environmental objects as one - if they could really accomplish this, they would receive enlightenment in a flash. They would no longer be entangled by the triple world.' Huang Po (- 850) - from The Zen Teaching of Huang Po (J. Blofeld).